Monday, December 26, 2011

Go Ahead. Make My Day.

You never know what kind of day a person is having or going to have.
He might have a lot of things to carry out and is stressed out or on the other hand he might have nothing to do and is free from everything.
In both cases it doesn't make a difference to you if you'd be nice to any person in your life for that matter.
Talk to them about their lives, it makes people feel special (at least I do). 
If you feel something is wrong, sort it out.
You never know that one sentence you said might get someone going for the entire day or piss them off for the day.
It doesn't require too much of thinking.
You just have to be good to everyone.
Not asking too much of ourselves, are we? :) 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

That Moment.

That moment when you just can't hold on to that thread that has been your support for months.
That moment when you realize you've lost yourself way too much in your thoughts.
You lose that position you held in other's lives.
You tell yourself everyday that you're gonna come out of this but you don't seem to help yourself.
You just keep sinking in. You're dying but still denying.
That moment when you want to come out of it. Desperately. But you can't.
You want to laugh.
You want to enjoy life.
Make friends.
Love people.
Go out and have fun.
Take your life back from yourself.
But you can't.

Someday You'll overcome yourself, your fears everything that is stopping you from being yourself and YOU! Yes YOU! SHALL live again.

Till then keep hanging in there :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Isn't everyone out here just dying to get accepted?

You know the best part? We change and don't realize And we adapt ourselves to the people And after a point we know what they like. And what they dislike and we talk accordingly :)
And we lose ourselves. Somewhere behind. Because we fear rejection
Isn't everyone out here just dying to get accepted?
We don't want to lose the attention, the love, the fun and everything along with it But somewhere deep down, we still miss the old things we did. But our image doesn't let us get back to it We want to be the person we were. We always want to. We just don't realize. Someday when you've had enough of that mask that your wear on the outside. You'll get fed up of everything.
And then someone comes in our life and makes us realize that there's no perfect life without being yourself And realize you've lost yourself to the people and time.
You don't know where to go.
You're direction less.
Where is happiness? But then you can't be that person you want to or the person you were in front of them.
You're mentally tired.
You feel insecure.
You want to end the shit.
You can't figure out stuff.
Not give a fuck about the world but just be happy. The real happy.
But you can't.
When that single text or that single forward could get you going.
That time when you had nothing to worry about.
But no you can't go there kid, you've lost the old you, you don't want to be this person you are now but you can't do shit about it.
Cause you don't know whether everyone will accept you the way you were.
The old you.
You feel weird, selfish, lonely.
You want to stop thinking but you can't. Do things you want to but something stops you.
All you hope for is that..
Someday you will break out of that shell.
Explore yourself.
Get going.
Because you are who are!
You will have embrace yourself.
That is how it is. But is it going to work?

This is a chat between two people.
Me and My best friend :) 
One hell of a wavelength we share , don't we ? :D 

A Never Ending Full Stop.

I've seen things happen to people. I've felt things happen to me.
I've analyzed stuff more than I should. Actually I shouldn't analyze it but yea it does have a limit.
I've abandoned my friends. I've been abandoned by some as well.
I've felt rejected in life.
I've felt sucky.
Sometimes I've felt insecure.
I've wanted time to wait for me.
But it didn't.
I've been Let Down when I expected stuff.
I've let down people as well , So I know how it feels
All I've experienced is life goes on. It doesn't wait for anyone.
If someone wants to be a part of your life and they care for you they'd be there no matter what.

I don't know why I'm writing this but there can't be a reason to everything in life :)

And the best part about this post is I named it a full stop

Just a ' . ' 

on second thoughts '.' looks funny :P 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back Then (Reminiscence)

Life was so simple back then
When we had nothing to do,
Just hide,seek and go back to the den.

Don't think i'll ever get tht life again..

Because now..

Things arent the way as easy as they were back then.

How we used to get away with with we said.
And never think abt it again
But now we end up thinking about it over and over again.
Doing things that we never wanted to.

Back then, broken toys used to make us cry,
But now we cry our hearts out, even when our hearts are dry!

Those people we expected to be by our side,
Ditch us, bitch about us and back stab us now.
We realized we ain't close anymore, we started to drift away.

People that we loved and cared about
Act like they don't give a damn about us anymore.

Sometimes it feels like I've been used and thrown away,
Sometimes I was as flexible as clay.
So that we could be happy and play,
But now I am nothing but a cast away!

But not anymore.
Its not how it used to be back then.
I've tried to make it the same over and over again,
But I realized that I have failed again.