Monday, September 13, 2010

Back Then (Reminiscence)

Life was so simple back then
When we had nothing to do,
Just hide,seek and go back to the den.

Don't think i'll ever get tht life again..

Because now..

Things arent the way as easy as they were back then.

How we used to get away with with we said.
And never think abt it again
But now we end up thinking about it over and over again.
Doing things that we never wanted to.

Back then, broken toys used to make us cry,
But now we cry our hearts out, even when our hearts are dry!

Those people we expected to be by our side,
Ditch us, bitch about us and back stab us now.
We realized we ain't close anymore, we started to drift away.

People that we loved and cared about
Act like they don't give a damn about us anymore.

Sometimes it feels like I've been used and thrown away,
Sometimes I was as flexible as clay.
So that we could be happy and play,
But now I am nothing but a cast away!

But not anymore.
Its not how it used to be back then.
I've tried to make it the same over and over again,
But I realized that I have failed again.