Saturday, December 24, 2011

That Moment.

That moment when you just can't hold on to that thread that has been your support for months.
That moment when you realize you've lost yourself way too much in your thoughts.
You lose that position you held in other's lives.
You tell yourself everyday that you're gonna come out of this but you don't seem to help yourself.
You just keep sinking in. You're dying but still denying.
That moment when you want to come out of it. Desperately. But you can't.
You want to laugh.
You want to enjoy life.
Make friends.
Love people.
Go out and have fun.
Take your life back from yourself.
But you can't.

Someday You'll overcome yourself, your fears everything that is stopping you from being yourself and YOU! Yes YOU! SHALL live again.

Till then keep hanging in there :)

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